Greece is steeped in history. From Greek mythology, to the invasions of its lands, to the deep-rooted traditions that we all associate with Greece itself. When holidaying in a place such as Greece, you are filled with the sensation that you are truly connected to this mysterious and wonderful part of the world. Be it through the people you meet, the places you visit, the foods that you try and the islands themselves, Greece takes you in and makes you part of its history.

Sailing in Greece

The seas that surround Greece are famous for it’s sailing.  Non-tidal waters allow for peaceful, easy days at sea, enjoying the freedom and relaxation that can only be found in such a forgiving place.  The ease in which you can sail between the stunning islands allows you to experience so much that this area has to offer.  The caves, the secret bays, swimming in the middle of a calm and clear ocean with nothing but the endless blue sky above you, are only a small fraction of what the Ionian has to offer.  Come ashore and marvel at the simple beauty of the traditional islands, the awe-inspiring sites: Meteroa, the land of the floating monasteries, Alepotrypa, the entrance to Hades, the stunning snow-capped mountains and deserted coves.  Greece itself is unforgettable and sailing in Greece, is just the beginning.


Kefalonia is the largest Greek island in the Ionian Sea.  Boasting stunning white sand beaches, traditional towns and fantastic restaurants, this sun kissed island is definitely worth adding to your list of places to visit on your sailing adventure.  The capital of Kefalonia is the town of Argostoli on the east coast.  Set in its own natural bay and surrounded but mountains its a wonderful place to moor up along the quay and set off on foot exploring this vibrant town.  Keep your eyes peeled for hungry sea turtles that feed in the bay, waiting for the fishing boats to come in with their days catch.  To the north of the island is the popular village of Fiskardo, with its quaint harbour and tavernas it’s the perfect place to stop, enjoy and a drink or two and watch the world go by.

Meganisi and Kalamos

The port of Vathi lies on the small island of Meganisi just south-east of Nydri.  This sleepy traditional village is set in a picturesque bay over looking the neighbouring islands and mainland.  Its wooded hills, chapels and tavernas line the harbour which becomes a haven to many yachts in the summer months and a lively place to spend the day and evening.  A short sail to the east lies the island of Kalamos.  The mountainous island, covered in sweet smelling pine trees makes a breathtaking back drop to the traditional fishing harbours and private coves.  Crystal clear waters and small sandy beaches welcome sailors to anchor and the peace and tranquillity this area has to offer.  


To the north of Lefkas island is the beautiful town of Parga.  This hidden gem, with its maze of streets, outstanding restaurants and stunning beaches.  It’s one of our favourite places to sail into and spend a few days exploring.  Having the added frill of being able to actually moor on the beach!  Parga is a very popular sailing destination and if you visit you’ll see exactly why.  If you’re unable to moor on the beach or along the harbour wall there’s always the option to anchor in Valtos bay and call the local water taxi to take you into town.  From here its a short sail to the lovely coastal villages of Syvota and Plataria.

Anti Paxos and Paxos 

These two stunning islands are the closet to sail to from Parga.  Anti Paxos boasts stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect bays for dropping anchor and enjoying a swim.  The two main beaches are Voutoumi beach and Vrika beach, both situated to the north of the island.  Anti Paxos is the smaller of the two islands and is almost uninhabited, mainly covered by vineyards that produce a local wine that can be purchased on the island of Paxos or sampled in the tavernas. At the north of the island is the town of Lakka, set in a horse shoe bay, surrounded by olive groves and Cypresses trees. Being almost completely sheltered from the sea, this bay is perfect for swimming, water sports and overnight mooring. Again, enjoy the fantastic Greek cuisine and explore the islands hidden delights. Wherever you choose to sail, we guarantee you’ll discover more than you could ever have imagined.