Greek Recipes

It has to be said, one of our favourite things about Greece is the food. The traditional dishes and unforgettable flavours that conjure up blissful memories of warm summer days, blue skies and long lazy afternoons by the sea. If you’ve ever holidayed in Greece, I’m sure you will have tried recreating these comforting plates of nostalgia at home. Here to bring a little Greek into your kitchen, are my tried and tested Greek recipes.

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Things to do in Lefkada

As well as spending your time on board with us, enjoying fabulous days sailing, delicious lunches and refreshing drinks with little umbrellas in, there are tons of fun activities to get excited about on the island of Lefkada.  Lefkada is packed to the mountain tops with water sports, walks and wineries.  There’re numerous festivals celebrated throughout the year and an extortionate amount of restaurants, bars and cafes to choose from! 

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Travelling to Lefkada

There are now so many ways to reach the beautiful island of Lefkada. Which of course, is fantastic news! Sadly, this does open up a world of dilemmas, bewilderment and headache fulled googling until 4am searching for the best flights and transfer options. But never fear, as a seasoned Lefkada traveller, I’m going to share with you the local knowledge, tricks and tips for cheap, easy and stress free travelling.

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Day Trips from Nidri

Imagine, a day spent on your very own exclusive sailing yacht.  Eight blissful hours of secluded bays, quiet beaches, snorkelling in a turquoise sea and catching the warm breeze as you cruise from one island to the next and it’s all topped off with a delicious, freshly prepared Mediterranean style lunch served on board, just for you, accompanied with crisp wines and chilled beers… Sigh…

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  Well, this is exactly what we offer on our Day Trips from Nidri.

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Greek Food

I love food.  I’ve never been a fussy eater; I’ve eaten cactus in Mexico and deep-fried chicken hearts, goat heads in Morocco and crocodile sausages in Australia.  The only thing I can remember being slightly suspicious of as a child was gherkins, mainly because they reminded me of snozcumbers from the BFG, and I have to be honest, the first time I tried octopus whilst on holiday in Cyprus, I spat it down the toilet.  The thought of tentacles and suckers was too much!  But, it’s now one of my absolute favourite things to eat, especially once its been marinated in red wine and slow cooked to tender perfection. 

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Living Aboard

I never thought I would end up living on a boat.  It wasn’t something that had ever crossed my mind to be honest.  But now I find myself not only living on a boat but also running a sailing company.  Before me and Luke started our adventure together, I lived in a small cottage in the country side, with a wood burner and allotments out the back.  I worked for my family’s business, along with my brother and the most time I had spent on anything that floated was the occasional ferry ride from Corfu and a day out on the tourist trip boats.  So, if I was to say, back then if you had told me within 4years I would have already spent a year working on a 24m yacht in Scotland, sailed it to Tenerife and then started my own charter company, I wouldn’t have believed you.

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Learning Greek

If you have ever managed to learn a language other than that of your native land, I applaud you, I really do. I have never been what you would call academic, I struggled with Maths and Science at school and I could never really grasp the concept of “studying” and after sitting through hours of French lessons from the age of 9 my response to any question is still Je m’appelle Emily, J’habite England!  I’ve never quite made it beyond the point of hello, how are you? And, can I have a beer please.  So, it’s looking increasingly unlikely I will ever become an international translator to the emperor of Japan.  

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What to Take when you Go Sailing

It can be tricky to decide exactly what to take when you go sailing.  Obviously, this is very dependant on where and when you are sailing.  So, as we are based in the sunny southern Ionian, I will be talking you through what you’d need for this particular sailing area.

Most things are pretty obvious but there are a few things to remember. Space is at a premium on yachts. So, a suitcase you can fit the kitchen sink in is best avoided.  Try to find a softer case that can be squashed down and shoved into an available locker out of the way. 

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