Day Trips from Nidri

Imagine, a day spent on your very own exclusive sailing yacht.  Eight blissful hours of secluded bays, quiet beaches, snorkelling in a turquoise sea and catching the warm breeze as you cruise from one island to the next and it’s all topped off with a delicious, freshly prepared Mediterranean style lunch served on board, just for you, accompanied with crisp wines and chilled beers… Sigh…

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  Well, this is exactly what we offer on our Day Trips from Nidri.

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Greek Food

I love food.  I’ve never been a fussy eater; I’ve eaten cactus in Mexico and deep-fried chicken hearts, goat heads in Morocco and crocodile sausages in Australia.  The only thing I can remember being slightly suspicious of as a child was gherkins, mainly because they reminded me of snozcumbers from the BFG, and I have to be honest, the first time I tried octopus whilst on holiday in Cyprus, I spat it down the toilet.  The thought of tentacles and suckers was too much!  But, it’s now one of my absolute favourite things to eat, especially once its been marinated in red wine and slow cooked to tender perfection. 

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