Living Aboard

I never thought I would end up living on a boat.  It wasn’t something that had ever crossed my mind to be honest.  But now I find myself not only living on a boat but also running a sailing company.  Before me and Luke started our adventure together, I lived in a small cottage in the country side, with a wood burner and allotments out the back.  I worked for my family’s business, along with my brother and the most time I had spent on anything that floated was the occasional ferry ride from Corfu and a day out on the tourist trip boats.  So, if I was to say, back then if you had told me within 4years I would have already spent a year working on a 24m yacht in Scotland, sailed it to Tenerife and then started my own charter company, I wouldn’t have believed you.

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Learning Greek

If you have ever managed to learn a language other than that of your native land, I applaud you, I really do. I have never been what you would call academic, I struggled with Maths and Science at school and I could never really grasp the concept of “studying” and after sitting through hours of French lessons from the age of 9 my response to any question is still Je m’appelle Emily, J’habite England!  I’ve never quite made it beyond the point of hello, how are you? And, can I have a beer please.  So, it’s looking increasingly unlikely I will ever become an international translator to the emperor of Japan.  

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