What to Take when you Go Sailing

It can be tricky to decide exactly what to take when you go sailing.  Obviously, this is very dependant on where and when you are sailing.  So, as we are based in the sunny southern Ionian, I will be talking you through what you’d need for this particular sailing area.

Most things are pretty obvious but there are a few things to remember. Space is at a premium on yachts. So, a suitcase you can fit the kitchen sink in is best avoided.  Try to find a softer case that can be squashed down and shoved into an available locker out of the way. 

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Driving to Greece from the UK

If you haven’t made the journey to Greece on four wheels, then you absolutely should! Travelling by car from the UK couldn’t be easier or more exciting.  Luke and I drove for the first time from our little country village of Rougham, 2 years ago and we haven’t flown since! Apart from the odd occasion when we have to make a mad dash back for a wedding or two! 

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